PDN: HeshPhoto Takes Gatorade to the Next Level

POSTED AUGUST 03, 2015 on PDNonline.com

HeshPhoto Takes Gatorade to the Next Level

By Barbara Goldman, pdnonline.com



Photographer Hesh (short for Yeheshua) Hipp has been shooting, assisting, and working in advertising, editorial, and fine art photography for nearly 20 years. His work has taken him from Boston to New York to Denver to Los Angeles, where he now makes his home. One of his most recent assignments was for Gatorade, the sports-themed beverage. Hipp came to the attention of Gatorade’s ad agency VML by way of a recommendation from freelance Creative Director Erik Iversen. Hipp had worked his magic with Iverson on a campaign for Walmart with the Martin Agency. For Gatorade, Hipp had to focus on multiple concepts and bring them all together for a seamless campaign. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a little league player or a professional all-star, athletes are always looking to take their games and skills to the Next Level,” says Hipp. With that in mind, VML Creative Director Nick Allegri created a new social concept that would inspire athletes of all shapes and sizes to unlock their true potential. Powerful imagery paired with motivational copy would serve as a compass to the brand’s social followers. The visuals would focus on the themes that sweat, hard work and discipline are all key to finding that inner athlete who is stronger, faster, dedicated and waiting to break out. Some of Hipp’s imagery plays on the color of the product to create a harmonious composition in the environment. You may not even notice the Gatorade brand at first but then it appears as a leitmotif on accessories and objects that complement the athletic surroundings.  Other images depict athletes putting in lonely workouts and some feature reflections of professional athletes to inspire perseverance.



Hipp had only two days to capture all the client’s requests. He had his own sports marathon to conquer. First and foremost for him were the logistics. He had to be able to access real high school students. Gatorade provided that student access with their relationship with the two high schools involved. The next and harder part was doing the photography while the schools were in session.  Classes were being conducted while the production was going on, and it was extremely busy. The teamhad to be careful so as not to disrupt classes and practices, and still get all the images for more than half a dozen various sports and the multiple concepts.  “I had amazing production help from my go-to producer, Raphye Alexius of 98 West Productions ,” says Hipp. Together, they were able to spend four days in pre-production with the terrific creative team from VML who understood the difficult nature of the production. They joined forces with Hipp’s team to create a solid production plan that succeeded in getting everything needed in the allotted time frame.

“Hesh and crew were extremely flexible and easy to work with. Their approach enabled us to get a library of beautiful, authentic shots.” says VML Creative Director Allegri. Gatorade’s fueling every athlete to the Next Level can be viewed on their Instagram channel.



Hesh Photo lives to make great pictures and the Gatorade library certainly lives up to that claim.  See more of his advertising work at his site, www.heshphoto.com and read his blog for latest updates, news and personal projects. (http://www.heshphoto.com/blog).

Credits for Gatorade Next Level Campaign:

Marketing Team for Gatorade:

Digital Marketing Sr. Manager: Abhishek Jadon

Marketing Development Manager: Erin McCarthy

Production Support: Gatorade Media Lab

Creatives for VML:

Creative Director: Nick Allegri

Creative Director: Mark Philip

Art Director: Jaclyn Co

Producer / Art Buyer: David Kobzantsev

Sr. Account Manager: Maggie Glenski